Jess at Cliff

¡Hola! I’m a Fort Thomas, KY native married to a handsome hombre from Lima, Peru. We live our lives with one foot in the United States and the other in Peru, traveling back and forth with a goofy fur baby we’ve named Pulga (Spanish for “flea”).

“Colorado/a” is a cheesy nickname for gringos that literally translates to “the colored person.” The joke among the locals is that although us gringos start out glow-in-the-dark white, we turn fabulously red in the sun (or when properly embarrassed, which happens often when trying to function in your second language).

After earning my MA degree at the University of Bristol, I didn’t think the world could get much bigger or more exciting. While in England, I’d traveled from France to Germany to the Netherlands to Italy. However, after taking a year-long “break” from travel in Miami, Florida to work as a community college professor, I’m finding that there are just as many adventures to be had in South America as there are across the pond.

La Colorada presents everything from the best local restaurants and attractions to my observations about how South American and US politics compare. Welcome and thanks for reading!

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