Ruffled as Hell

An acquaintance recently shared that at a party, during a talk on politics, a man disguising his foolishness as nonchalance told her not to let Trump “ruffle her feathers.”

Alright, bud. I get that you’ve seen a lot of movies where it’s cool to calmly walk away from an explosion. But this time, the explosion? IT’S US. The explosion is going to be AMERICA.

It’s time to drop your fucking sunglasses and HAUL ASS.

Am I ruffled?

I’m ruffled as HELL. Holy crap, dude, I’m SHITTING feathers right now.

Let’s say, somehow, in your profound bubble of ignorance and privilege, you decided that nothing said during the election was cause for concern. Fine. Take a brief glance at the spitfire squad Trump is using his new power to assemble:

Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. A bunch of white dudes decided this guy was too racist to get more power than he already had… IN THE 1980s. That’s right, 3-4 decades ago, people already thought this guy was too racist. Now he’s in charge of federal hate crimes.

Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. It’s upsetting that this guy makes flower crowns with Putin on his weekends, but it’s appalling how intertwined he is with Exxon. Now he’s in a position that depends on freedom from influence.

Scott Pruitt for the Environmental Protection Agency. This guy doesn’t think climate change is real. Or at least, he’s willing to pretend that it isn’t as long as the oil and gas industries keep the cash coming.

And those are just the most “ruffling” for me personally, mainly because I find them insidious actors with abhorrent agendas. Several other nominees are too baby-faced in terms of experience to even propose an agenda. Betsy DeVos, potential Secretary of Education, has the equivalent experience of a pothead student who has choked down a handful of Wikipedia articles before coming to the class debate. Ben Carson, now for Housing and Urban Development, is arguably even less experienced than that.

I hope the inauguration today is lamer than my Friday nights in middle school. I won’t be watching. But you know what I will watch? The marches tomorrow. I’m stuck in Peru: All I can do is blog and take jabs on Facebook, which is infuriating. But I’m seriously looking forward to seeing storms of “ruffled” people stomping down every major street in every major city.

This march matters. It’s important. I’m absurdly proud of every person I know who’s attending, whether it’s in D.C. or in one of the sister marches.

As soon as I got settled in Peru, I sponsored a marcher. Whoever that tiny donation goes to, I hope they’re ruffled as fuck and ready to go too.

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 11.57.01 AM.png

Get ruffled.


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