Beautiful Blue O’Bohême

In Lima, Miraflores and San Isidro are arguably the two best districts to live in. They’re safe, well laid out, clean, and friendly. Barranco, the district where Ivo and I live, is right on their tail. The area has a fantastic artsy vibe due to several decades worth of typical bohemian inhabitants, e.g. poets, musicians, artists, the works. As a result, Barranco is hip as hell and packed and painted with some of the best art, music, and – of course – food, food, food the city has to offer.

O’Bohême is one of many recent additions to our neighborhood. Although it’s tucked down a quiet side street, they took a pretty endearing approach to getting noticed: the whole place is a striking, solid royal blue.
IMG_0707 IMG_0709



Ivo and I caught this place before Barranco had vetted it. Yes, it’s always a risk to be the first to try a new restaurant, but more often than not, when the restaurant is in Barranco, the risk pays off. The first benefit of being adventurous this time was that we literally had the restaurant to ourselves. In the summer in Lima, restaurants are already hurting for patrons since everyone just goes to the beach. Since O’Bohême is brand new on top of that, we were able to spend the afternoon sipping chilled white wine like Peruvian royalty. The second benefit was that the food might’ve been as good as the service.

According to O’Bohême, they’re a French restaurant. The atmosphere definitely has a French flair, but Ivo and I were a bit skeptical that the food qualifies as French. It seemed more like “sophisticated Italian” than French to me, but bottom line: I don’t care. And neither should you. The place was charming, and the food was great. We spent at least a good two hours leisurely working our way through a complimentary appetizer, a beautiful salmon platter, miniature vegetarian lasagnas, and a grilled pesto-sauce octopus served alongside a pile of roasted mushrooms.

IMG_0695 IMG_0714 IMG_0698


IMG_0703 IMG_0701 IMG_0705

Since we’d gotten to know the waiter fairly well by the end of our foodie escapade, we let him talk us into what the restaurant called a tiramisu. Alright, it wasn’t a tiramisu. But much like the fine line of whether this was technically French food or not seems irrelevant, the fact that this was more of a tiramisu-inspired dessert than an actual tiramisu failed to undermine tastiness. It was light on the coffee flavor, but the custard was gorgeous, especially with the fresh berries on top. Well worth the risk!


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